Daily Prayer during COVID-19


Following Government guidelines announced on Saturday 6 June, the Church of England has given permission for churches to re-open for private prayer only. All are most welcome.

Guidance for using church for private prayer during Covid - 19 precautions

The following has been written to keep you and others safe and to ensure you feel confident about entering St Mary’s. It will be so tempting for us all, after being apart for so long, to turn a visit into a social gathering but for the safety and privacy of all please do this safely outside of the church building. We have made the church as welcoming as we all remember it to be but, sadly, for safety reasons have had to restrict some areas. We pray that you will find comfort and joy in being back in St Mary’s.

The church will be open from Monday 15th June daily from 9am-4.30pm. Please follow the guidelines.

   Before you leave home

  • For everyone’s wellbeing it would be appreciated if you do not come to church if you have any symptoms of Covid – 19. If you are unfortunate to display them at a later date, please let us know.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • As Bibles and prayer books won’t be available then please bring any prayer aids you may need from home.
  • Please bring your own drinks if needed.

    As you arrive

  • There will be one way in and one way out. Enter via the North door.
  • There will be a volunteer on duty, and you should talk to them from a safe distance.
  •  They will have hand gel and wipes available.
  • If you will feel more comfortable wearing a mask and gloves, then we would ask that you bring your own from home.
  • Please use the gel and take the wipe with you to wipe any hard surface and kneeler you may have touched in your praying position. 
  • If there are too many people already in the building you may be asked to wait until a space becomes available or to come back later.


  • You can then go to a pew of your choice, remembering to keep a safe distance from anyone already in the church, where you will find a blue kneeler on the seat which has been carefully placed to maintain a safe distance from any other person.
  • When leaving the pew use the wipe to clean any hard surface and blue kneeler you may have touched. If you require any assistance with this, please talk to the volunteer. Ensure you are alert to others around you and keep safely distanced when leaving the pew.
  • Return the wipe and place it in the receptacle provided near to the South door.

      Leaving the church

  • Be aware of those around you and leave in a safely distanced manner via the South Door after using the hand gel provided to cleanse your hands.