Christenings are a wonderful occasion to give thanks for the birth of a child and welcome them into the family of God. We hope that this page will answer some of your questions about getting your child christened.

Q.  What is the difference between christenings and baptisms?
A. None at all. The church has traditionally used the word baptism, but as many people in the community refer to a christening, we have used that word here.

Q. Can I get my child christened at St Mary’s?
A. We would love to do this for you.   If you live in Beaconsfield, you will be able to have your child christened in St Mary’s, St Michael’s Church, Warwick Road or St Thomas’s, Mayflower Way – whichever suits you better. At St Mary’s we offer christenings at 10am on the first Sunday of the month in our Family Service, or at 12.30pm on one of the other Sundays of the month. If you don’t live in Beaconsfield, but have some other connection with us at St Mary’s we hope that we will still be able to help.

Q. How old does my child have to be?
A. There is no age limit. We christen children from as young as 3 months all the way up to adulthood and of course beyond. Often adults come requesting baptism and this tends to be done in conjunction with them being confirmed. 

Q. How much does it cost?
A.  Christenings are free!

Q. How do I book one?
A. Contact our parish office on 01494 676690 or email the office and we will talk you through what needs to happen. Alternatively, come along to our 10am service and speak to Jeremy, our Rector, or whoever is taking the service.  

Once you have booked a date, we will invite you to a Sunday afternoon tea with a number of families to go through the service with you and give you more information about us. Many families also start coming along to our main services on the 1st Sunday of the month to meet other families and get involved in our church family.